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“No need for appreciation, next Lieutenant Wakaba.” Seiji regarded their.

“No need for appreciation, next Lieutenant Wakaba.” Seiji regarded their.

“Should you however feel cool, you may require me personally.”

“and after that you’ll warm up myself with your body?”

“looks, the mischief! I will give you a supplementary cover.”

“You must end up being my wrapper!?

Seiji was rendered speechless.

Chiaki giggled at her very own ruse.

Each of them traded glances for some time.

“good-night, Seiji.”

“good-night, Chiaki.”

After stating good night to one another, Seiji turned off the sunshine when you look at the living room area and gone back to their bed room.

“Harano onii-chan, a present-day back!”

When he gone back to their space, this individual bet Reo jumping and giving him or her a small present container.

“Thanks so much.” Seiji joyfully approved and launched upward.

The current am a small dairy milk solution Bunny mascot from sweetie Candy female . It absolutely was attached with a chain, and got the right size for being installed on his own cell phone or his desk as a decoration.

“i like this, actually really attractive,” the guy told her genuinely.

The tiny female smiled cutely.

After carefully putting away the tiny rabbit doll, Seiji turned off the lighting fixtures and visited sleeping.

He then arrived in Reo’s psyche realm.

The man opened his own system and inspected his [Gifts] option and noticed he got obtained a lot of rewards from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s presents.

After very carefully inspecting all his or her advantage foods, the man experience the many specialized one among these people ended up being –

[absolutely free power intake card], received from Shika’s souvenir.

Due to this one-time-use credit, this individual might use any capabilities of his or her free to your, without needing any one of their strength or Mana, and disregarding any intake rules like lots of moments they should use they daily. For example, [mild from the Brink], that was just workable once a day, regardless of whether this individual tried it when currently, he can use they again on a single week employing this cards!

This individual obtained an [undetectable challenge card] from Mika’s gift.

This one-time-use credit will allow him to turn into absolutely invisible until the man moved some absolute animal or person. This condition just might be maintained for up to 2 hour, plus it was actually possible for people with a really high degree of [Astral view] in order to witness your. If the man attacked items live while under this invisibility influence, his or her assault’s electrical was doubled, and he would-be announced later.

This is essentially a classical combined some assassin method like “stealth” and “backstab!”

He or she received a [Damage-canceling safety credit] from Reo’s gift.

Applying this one-time-card would allow your to block any person assault originating at your and see zero damage as a result.

He’d best three terminology to spell out they: life-saving credit! They could absolutely perform pretentiously by using this to block some opposing forces’s finest power.

Besides those 3 poster, the others happened to be some stat-raising black-jack cards and in addition things that have significantly less than stunning issues.

Seiji gratefully acknowledged their feelings.

He right away employed every stat-raising business he had acquired, which enhanced their [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual Power] stats correspondingly.

Then, the guy sealed his own system and began to exercise cultivation.

After they achieved the progress obligations and spent the mandatory pointers, Seiji discovered [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji well rested for quite a while, then he used the same exact strategy for jumping-off the hierarchy to depart Reo’s soul realm.

When he woke awake, this individual have upward gently to be able to perhaps not wake-up Reo, have up out of bed, apply his or her coat, and went past his or her place.

He wandered to the living room, and found out that Chiaki wasn’t there!

The top doorway was actually available.

Seiji moved external to check out the silver-haired appeal standing up outside, gently watching the night sky together pilfered pads wrapper protecting this model shoulders.

The snow got quit falling today, and so the moonlight got showed up. It was lighting everything with a gentle color shine.

Under this color satellite, a silver-haired girl was finding out about within sky… this arena looked gorgeous and poetic to Seiji.

He walked on to her half, and silently looked at the night heavens alongside the.

After a moment in time of silence.

“we determine me personally,” Chiaki claimed lightly. “I didn’t sleep alongside Mika, because I believed that i’d be not able to rest later this evening. I should have got came home property, but I really didn’t want to turn back… thus I could simply frustrate you tonight. Well, i did so would you like to understanding exactly what it felt like to fall asleep on tatami pads by a kotatsu ‘s half aswell… at any rate, I became only becoming willful. I apologize for almost any worry about i might posses brought about we.”

Seiji looked towards their.

“i did not detect any such thing basically, and was actually only letting you accomplish whilst you glad.

We released in the center of evening to be sure of you because I became troubled assuming you feel cooler. I know that one may be slightly willful on occasions, and it’s really good. If I believed that you had been expressing something irrational, I’d touch upon they. If I thought that you used to be doing something unrealistic, I’d stop you in my irons fists of justice. Basically another hands, provided that Need to envision it is some thing ridiculous, i will work together to you, or help you, or accompany you.”

Seiji beamed lightly. “Thus, that’s why you must not apologize, nor shed on your own a lot of in loneliness… The phrase of a girl contribute from a loss journey shouldn’t suit your style after all, Chiaki.”